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Why We Are The Best

We’re consultants in Guest Experience, Productivity and Operational Excellence. We provide services to optimize kitchen  performance and productivity.  We utilize the principles of lean manufacturing with the disciplines of  industrial design and engineering to improve service speed, reduce labor and increase throughput.

Foodservice Consulting Service

Explore What We Are Doing Better

Let us customize a project to achieve your strategic goals.

To help you Imagine: we offer our exclusive suite of Intelligence Services which combine market analysis with the classic principals of Management Consulting.

To Createwe employ designers and engineers that focus on high performance in the kitchen while balancing aesthetics in the front of the house.

To Deliverwe can implement our recommendations with expertise in supply chain management, field testing services and specialized  project management  to ensure flawless execution.

Product Development

We will create your greatest new Menu Item or Craft Cocktail, hitting plate costs and existing kitchen capabilities.

Menu Optimization

Renovate and Innovate by shedding unprofitable items, single use ingredients and reducing operational complexity

Process Improvement

Optimize your operations, improve speed of service, balance the workload, reduce labor and increase throughput.

Equipment Engineering

Scientifically develop your kitchen to match speed and performance requirements through industrial engineering.

Kitchen Design

Reduce your capital investments, shrink your kitchen, create new prototypes and flawlessly build your restaurants.

Foodservice Strategy

Understand unmet needs, Market dynamics, develop new products focused for foodservice. Test with operators, chains and consumers.

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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Our job is to make you successful, every member of our team is dedicated to building relationships that have a foundation based on our competences, straight forward business practices that are grounded and with objectivity. This is our Code of Conduct


We listen and observe to understand the best way to apply our knowledge and skillset to your needs


The right resources will expedite your project and save you time and money in finding the answers you seek


We have a fiduciary responsibility to represent your best interests and help you navigate the complex foodservice landscape to ensure success and measureable results