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Productivity and Engineering

We provide Productivity and Industrial Engineering services to optimize kitchen performance.   Utilizing the principals of lean manufacturing with the disciplines of industrial design and engineering to improve service speed, we specialize in reducing labor and increasing throughput.

We exclusively work with chain restaurants by developing and refining their prototype designs where we reinvent processes of production, analyze equipment capacities and recommend new technologies to meet demand while considering what future capabilities may be required to meet menu and growth goals.   We also help restaurant brands adapt their operating architectures to accommodate new and regional menu additions.

Process Improvement

Equipment Bench-marking & Integrated Workstations

How do you tell the difference between a good kitchen and bad one?
How do you eliminate 40 hours of labor a week?
How much kitchen square footage can be reduced?
How do you achieve a 1:2 Investment Ratio with your Prototype Design?
How do you improve speed of service to get 2 turn at lunch?

How many steps are too many?

Productivity & Engineering Services:

HKCGlobal specializes in the science of operations analysis. We can dramatically increase productivity up to 20%.  This is accomplished through the integration of technologies, labor balancing and the right sizing equipment:

Our Industrial Engineering Services are field based where we will conduct:

  • Time & Motion studies
  • Analysis of ingredients
  • Examine preparation procedures
  • Measure shift variations
  • Classify the difference in store formats and volume characteristics
  • Yielding improved or new kitchen/operations design and specifications
  • We also bench-mark equipment for performance and conformance with your existing products
  • We use the latest software to help you visual the operations and the flow of the kitchen
  • 3D renderings
  • Simulations for testing variation in design
  • We’ll classify your real estate and describe the impact to your operating system when a new product is produced or an ingredient is removed
  • Prototype fabrication for tests
  • We utilize several methods for validating our recommendations:
  • Model making
  • Full-scale drawings to represent operating conditions and ergonomics of staff
  • To field worthy Modular Systems