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About Us


'HKCGLOBAL' is a family

HKCGlobal is the leading strategic and developmental resource of product marketers, chain operators and appliance manufacturers.

What we do:

HKCGlobal can identify opportunities and help our clients bring these ideas to market.  HKC has successfully ideated, designed and implemented new business strategies in organizations similar to yours. Our clients range in size from regional firms to many of the corporations listed in the “Fortune 500.” We differ from other firms in that we perform an upfront, no cost diagnostic to help you assess if HKCGlobal is the agency for you.  If we are not, we are happy to refer you to a reputable firm.  In addition, we guarantee our fees. This business philosophy is one of the cornerstones in which we have founded our business.

The Company That We Keep:

Our Clients are the leading Quick Service and Casual Dining Restaurant Chains.  We work closely with Food Manufacturers and Packaging Companies to drive solutions and help Equipment Manufacturers modify and create proprietary workstation and integrated systems for the most demanding operating environments.

How do you tell the difference between a good kitchen and bad one?
How do you eliminate 40 hours of labor a week?
How much kitchen square footage can be reduced?
How do you achieve a 1:2 Investment Ratio with your Prototype Design?
How do you improve speed of service to get 2 turn at lunch?

Proud Member


Competence to get the job done with integrity and duty to perform the work to the highest standards.

Straight Forward Relationships

Clear scope, deliverable and fee arrangement with our clients in advance of any substantive work being conducted. Any additional work or any revision of work undertaken shall be agreed to by the client in writing.We never receive income directly from the supply of equipment, materials, facilities management services or similar supply purchases by the client or indirectly through refunds or deductions from the supply of equipment, materials, facilities management services or similar supply purchases by the client.

No Conflict of Interest

Conflicting business interests with clients brands without informing all parties in advance and securing their agreement to the arrangement.

We disclose, any interest or arrangement with suppliers of any goods or services, other than consulting services, that may be requested by the client and the client must provide a countersignature signifying that the client understands the nature of the consultant/supplier relationship.

Client Employees

we will not encourage, an employee of a client to consider alternative employment without first discussing the opportunity with the client and obtaining the client’s written permission to approach the employee.


We will not disclose proprietary information obtained during the course of the assignment unless that information is already clearly in the public domain, or permission is obtained in writing, to disclose specific information for a specific purpose.

Independence and Objectivity

We will not work in conditions which may impair the member’s independence or judgment.We will withdraw from an assignment in which there is a potential for losing our independence during the course of the engagement.

Client Understanding

We provide advice and recommendations based upon findings, analysis and experience in the industry, and are realistic, practical and presented to the client in a clear manner.