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Foodservice Strategy & Development

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Foodservice Strategy & Development

We offer a variety of expertise to build knowledge through our in depth market analysis to simulating new ideas and winning business propositions.

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Insights, Strategy & Product Development

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  • Trend analysis – We use several techniques to determine Market and Customer needs.
  • Menu Visioning and Product Gap Analysis. We utilize a competitive screen of the market and define the opportunity for ownable solutions
  • Supply Chain Symposiums – an approach of accelerating development and knowhow these facilitated session can focus on a product category or revamping a complete menu or product line
  • Product Development Strategy – We define the key tenants for your piece of equipment menu item giving a specification and vision for development and market success
  • Segment & Channel Fit – Different needs can make a big impact, we look for those unique white-spaces that our clients can own and exploit
  • Concept Generation – From renderings and drawings to rapid prototyped models we create the stimulus to validate direction
  • Research & Quantification, get the most out of understanding your customer’s unmet needs
  • Product requirements, price point justification, features and benefits and the business case for launch with Financial justification and Risk analysis
What are my customers unmet needs?
How can I make my customer journey memorable?
How much should we charge for our product and what features and benefits are important?
What is the right path to market for my products and services?
Who are the key players in the marketplace and what is important to them?
How do I position my product so that we create excitement and want-in?