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Culinary and Operations Engineering

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Our Chefs brings to the table the latest culinary and beverage trends coupled with innovations in equipment to giving you a marketplace advantage. We are passionate about flavor,presentation and process integration. We develop recipes and menus that are profitable and operationally sound. We look to solutions that will help streamline your ingredients,extend their expiry while managing your labor to create that product mix that delivers excitement to your guests. We work closely with our engineering team to ensure productivity and speed of services requirements are grounded and implement consistently as we work as a team.

Recipe & Menu Development

Menu & Product Mix Optimization

What products should I add to my menu?
Is Plant Based something we should consider?
How do we implement with limited culinary skills in the kitchen?
How many steps make this item not worth selling?
How many single use ingredients do you have on your menu?
Does your expiry of ingredients match your preparation schedule?

Our Culinary Team Provides Expertise in:

  • Menu SWOT Analysis
  • Culinary & Operational Assessments
  • Financial Analysis
  • Menu & Guest Experience Evolution
  • Initiative Leadership
  • Limited Time Offerings
  • Evolutionary Brand Positioning
  • Creation Strategic Menu Planning
  • Seasonal Menu & Limited Time Offer Strategy
  • Recipe & Product Development
  • Supply Chain Engineering
  • Packaging Specification
  • Acquisition Due Diligence